We are very lucky in the London Borough of Sutton in that we have access to lots of support around debt and debt awareness. But people still feel uncomfortable around asking for help when in debt, and often leave things too late before issues arise.

Debt advice can literally be life changing, but you need to ask for help to start this journey and access support. Reading about this may be your first step on this journey, but seeking help is the crucial step. So where can you access this support?

There are many websites you can look at to research what support is available, including some of the below resources, however Together for Sutton have secured for another year (1st April 2024 - 31st March 2025), our TfS Debt First Aider, which could be your first step in seeking support.

To contact our TfS Debt First Aider, please complete a self-referral form here or contact us on 020 8254 2616 and we will organise a meeting with you as quickly as we can to start exploring some quick wins to support you, and refer you into the Citizens Advice Sutton Debt Team should you need more in depth support. Please do remember though, that there is no magic wand, and sometimes there may not be a solution! We will help you however to exhaust all options and explore the best path for you, and any loved ones impacted.

If you are keen to look into things yourself, then the following blog is a great place to start. It was produced as part of Debt Awareness Week by the Money and Pensions Service’s Debt Advice Strategy and Policy Lead, Christy McAleese, reflecting on his 10 years in the debt sector, where he shares some thoughts on the barriers to debt advice. You can read his blog here 8 million people need debt advice in the UK – so why aren’t they accessing it? | Money and Pensions Service (maps.org.uk).

You may also find some of the following 'How To' guides useful from the MoneyHelper website:


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Financial support if you're self-employed

Living on a squeezed income

Help if you're struggling with bills and payments


Please remember though, you are never alone in Sutton, and Together for Sutton may be a great place to start your journey in getting further support through our TfS partnership. Should you wish to contact us, please give us a call or complete an online referral form here.