There are many reasons why residents may not be online, this could range from a number of barriers, for example issues with reading, age related fears, special educational needs and disabilities, circumstances, mental health, technology phobias, to name a few.

We are pleased to announce that three laptops and one mobile phone were gifted to the Sutton African Caribbean Cultural Organisation (SACCO) to help their members train the community to get online and access Sutton services.

Digital Inclusion SACCO

And a further laptop and three mobile phones were gifted to Cranstoun’s Transform Domestic Abuse Services to support residents fleeing domestic abuse. The hope here is to provide residents with a central, safe space to work online from whilst working with the Transform team.

Digital Inclusion Transform Sutton

Two laptops were gifted to Age UK Sutton to support our older community and again get in place new training programmes to help reduce fears of going online and how to remain safe.

 Digital Inclusion Age UK Sutton

Three laptops and four mobile phones were gifted directly to five lucky residents at the Wallington INT’s Healthy You event on 25th January, again with a focus to support those who are digitally excluded, getting them online and able to access Sutton services

Healthy You TfS Gifting Laptops 

Through Kate’s partnering with Sutton Council’s Cultural Services, Sutton Central Library, SIM cards and regular data can then be made available should residents need it with the Good Things Foundation scheme, Learn My Way.

Learn My Way is a new digital skills support course, at the heart of the National Digital Inclusion Network. Learn My Way helps people with low or no digital skills to gain confidence and learn how to use the internet and digital technologies.

A big “Thank You” to Connective Technologies for donating the initial set of tech, you have helped so many residents in Sutton. We hope to gift more equipment over the year as we progress our work with both Connective Technologies and Sutton Council’s Cultural Services. Should you want to partner up with TfS, please contact Kate directly on

Should you or anyone you know need support, please know that the TfS partnership are here to support you as best as possible. You can contact us on 020 8254 2616, 9am – 5pm or send us an online referral here.

To access Sutton Central Library services, please visit their website here.

To get in contact with SACCO, please contact them via their website here.

To get in contact with Cranstoun Transform, Sutton Domestic Abuse Services, please contact them via their website here.