The event served as a warm welcome to the Hong Kong community, providing us with the perfect opportunity to introduce our services and showcase the services we offer.

Every guest received a Together for Sutton tote bag to serve as a reminder of the evening, along with a wealth of flyers, translated into Traditional Chinese, to ensure our services are accessible.

Hong Kong Fireworks Party 26 November 2023 Leaflets  Hong Kong Fireworks Party 26 November 2023 TfS Bags

Our goal was then to connect with those who may be uncertain about finding professional assistance, highlighting the various facilities and exciting activities we offer, such as Men in Sheds, the CAS Bike Project, Active Me to name a few, all available locally at our Hill House community space.

We promoted the Together for Sutton services to all guests, ensuring that should they have any issues or areas of information and advice that they need support with, especially if they don’t know who to contact, then TfS is the best space for our residents of Sutton to get this support.

It was an excellent event to engage with the Honk Kong community, sharing insights and fostering connections with attendees throughout the evening. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the spectacular firework performances that left everyone in awe. The atmosphere was joyous, filled with camaraderie and celebration, and attended by more than 100 Hong Kongers. 

Hong Kong Fireworks Party 26 November 2023 Fireworks

These gatherings play a crucial role in fostering a stronger sense of togetherness and cultural exchange within our community.

Thank you for having us!