Knowing that many of our amazing local charities, community groups, faith groups and Sutton professionals would support our more vulnerable residents on Christmas day, we wanted to ensure that with this little extra gift, food for the days in between Christmas and New Years would be covered too.

Sutton Night Watch was set up to support and raise awareness for homeless people within the London Borough of Sutton and surrounding areas. Not only do they provide their guests with the essentials such as food, showers and clothing supplies, but they are also able to offer a range of health services, benefit advice, wellbeing and educational based courses, clothes and most importantly, a place where they are seen, heard and understood.

Sutton Night Watch and SES Water Christmas 2023

No one deserves to be homeless or go without food, and although this was only a small amount, we were so happy to be able to offer our partnered support at this tricky time of the year for some of our most vulnerable residents in Sutton.

Greggs Vouchers Christmas 2023

Should you or anyone need support at this particularly tricky time of the year, please know that the TfS partnership are here to support you as best as possible.

You can contact Sutton Night Watch on 020 8669 9920 or visit the website here

Or should you need support with your SES water provision, please do not hesitate to contact SES directly on 01737 772000 or visit the website here