With the fourth TfS Information Network coming to a close, it is clear that you, our Sutton Professionals, continue to find these events useful and inspiring. 

Opening the session, we had Imran Choudhury, Strategic Director for Public Health and Wellbeing, talking about how best we can look to join up together as wider Sutton services, particularly in support of those who might not be engaging with health support. So for example, the person with poorly managed diabetes who won't engage with health services as their debt/rent arrears is the more pressing priority to them. How better can we work together to get to those in most need to the right place, at the right time.

Public Health Imran Choudhury

Imran Choudhury, Strategic Director for Public Health and Wellbeing.

Giles Read, Thinking Works CEO, then provided us all with an update on getting ready for the Winter 2023 and available support out there for our residents of Sutton. Sadly again, there is no magic wand with the cost-of-living crisis, but there is support out there and it is important for us to upskill our knowledge in this area in order to be sure to support our residents where we can.

Thinking Works CEO Giles Read

Giles Read, Thinking Works CEO, Thinking Works TfS Event 11 Sept 23.

Alberta Atkinson, Home-Start Sutton CEO, got us thinking about collaboration and not competition. Focussing on how we can look for opportunities to work together as Sutton professionals across wider, national pots of funding, rather than competing against each other for the smaller pots. Where and how can we create synergies across the work we all do.

Home-Start Sutton CEO Alberta Atkinson

Alberta Atkinson, Home-Start Sutton CEO.

And last but not least, Pete Flavell, Healthwatch Sutton CEO and proud TfS partner, closed the session focussing us on what we already know about our residents, their thoughts and concerns around health care, areas we need to focus on such as children's/young people's mental health, all of this information that Healthwatch Sutton collects. Pete reminded us that working together in partnership can only strengthen the work we deliver, thus ultimately the work we do for our residents.

Healthwatch Sutton CEO Pete Flavell

Pete Flavell, Healthwatch Sutton CEO, Healthwatch Sutton TfS Event 11 Sept 23.

Many thanks to our amazing and inspiring guest speakers, the message around collaborative working across each and everyone of us came across very strongly at this event, and without this approach, it is going to become increasingly more difficult to help our residents of Sutton who are more than often experiencing an increasing level of complexity with life issues, ultimately affecting their health. 

As always, we look forward to seeing you at the next event later in the year, and if you joined us on the 11th, please don't forget to give us your feedback so we can shape up-and-coming events. 

Information Network Feedback Word Cloud 11 Sept 2023